24 October 2015

To Consider Before Getting Electroconvulsive Therapy

The following article was written by Steven Strnad. It is posted here with his consent, for which we are grateful.

This essay is composed in order to better inform the person considering electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) so that they may better understand the range of possible consequences and adverse affects that shock can have on their life and thus be in a better position to decide if ECT is the right treatment for them.  This paper is intentionally one-sided as the author hopes to properly inform persons regarding the harm that electroconvulsive therapy can and does regularly cause.  To emphasis the negative possibilities is appropriate and necessary as the psychiatric industry does not provide truthful information regarding the severity of the risks.  Presently, shock treatment is being presented as a safe and effective form of treatment even though it is neither.  Since it was first introduced, it has had devastating consequences.  This is the case presently during what proponents have termed “modified ECT.”