24 October 2015

To Consider Before Getting Electroconvulsive Therapy

The following article was written by Steven Strnad. It is posted here with his consent, for which we are grateful.

This essay is composed in order to better inform the person considering electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) so that they may better understand the range of possible consequences and adverse affects that shock can have on their life and thus be in a better position to decide if ECT is the right treatment for them.  This paper is intentionally one-sided as the author hopes to properly inform persons regarding the harm that electroconvulsive therapy can and does regularly cause.  To emphasis the negative possibilities is appropriate and necessary as the psychiatric industry does not provide truthful information regarding the severity of the risks.  Presently, shock treatment is being presented as a safe and effective form of treatment even though it is neither.  Since it was first introduced, it has had devastating consequences.  This is the case presently during what proponents have termed “modified ECT.”

12 May 2015

Protect the Human Person

“All the great causes that are yours today will have meaning only to the extent that you grant the right to life and protect the human person.”

“Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.”

04 May 2015

10 Myths and Facts About Shock Therapy

A controversial treatment

This post was inspired by an article on Health.com by Tammy Worth

When most people think of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or shock therapy, they imagine a strapped-down patient writhing in pain. (Probably thanks to the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.)

And many regard it as an outdated, barbaric treatment no longer in use.

In fact, ECT is still in use, and why and how it’s used may surprise you. Here are some common myths and facts about the procedure.

02 May 2015

Damage Due to Electra Start

NOTE: While the following commentary on Harley Davidson is meant to be humorous and not to be taken seriously, the following commentary on Shock “Therapy” is very serious, and not at all funny. ECT is a violation of human rights, and no moral society can support its use, particularly on the vulnerable.

28 April 2015

ECT Vigil: Press Release




Date: May 16, 2015
Time: 12:00 noon until 3:00 pm
Place: Grey Nuns Community Hospital, 1100 Youville Drive West (3015 62 Street NW), Edmonton, Canada

On May 16, 2015, from noon until 3:00 pm, there will be a demonstration at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital against Shock Treatment. The demonstration will be part of a coordinated international event involving over thirty cities in nine countries on the same day. This historic event has been organized by three shock survivors: Ted Chabasinski from California, Debra Schwartzkopff from Oregon, and Mary Maddock from Ireland. Protests will begin in Rotorua, New Zealand, early on May 16, and end many hours later at an evening forum to be held in New York City.

02 April 2015

What Does the New York Times Have Against Psychiatry?

Hello. This is Dr. Stephen Normal of Utopian University, speaking to you today for the escaped. My comments today could be titled “Psychiatry Suffers More Loss of Respect” or, ahh, “What Does the New York Times Have Against Psychiatry?”

28 February 2015

Basic Teaching of Body & Soul

The previous two posts on this blog may makes sense to those familiar with the Christian understanding of the human person. That is, a person is body and soul. For those unfamiliar with this idea, the following video of Dr. Alice von Hildebrand gives an excellent teaching on the subject.